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Mother of  2

Hi!! My name is Kyleigh. I am a registered nurse and certified lactation counselor. I worked in the NICU initially and then transitioned into my role as a school nurse at the elementary level. I am a judgement free momma and I want to share with you the good, bad, funny and raw emotional experiences I have had as a mother of two. Despite being a certified lactation counselor, I am a firm believer of “fed is best” and “every baby is different.”

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First-Time Mom

Hi!! My name is Raquel and I am a first-time mom of a baby boy! I am an Occupational Therapist at the school level and I work with elementary and middle school students! I absolutely love working with kids! I am not certified in anything  but I wanted to create this blog/website to provide my own experiences of being a new mom. I won’t lie, or give you bullshit and tell you that being a mother is all rainbow and unicorns. Being a mom is hard, especially your first month home and that is why we are both here to support you, understand you and let you know 1) you’re a kick ASS mom and 2) you are NOT alone!

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