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And Then I Peed My Pants....

For Thanksgiving this past year my husband and I went to Lake Placid with his family for a long weekend. There was a basement in the house that had a game set-up. We set-up our virtual reality system on the TV and the boys and my husband were taking turns playing a game called Superhot VR. I was sitting on a bean bag chair in the corner of the room watching them play and I was VERY pregnant. The object of the game was to shoot/kill zombies while also dodging bullets and items at the same time. If you never watched someone play a virtual reality game you really should because it is hilarious! My husband was up to play and he put on his headset and started the game. My husband was sliding across the floor, ducking down, and dodging bullets. I have never seen him move so fast in my life! He was also sweating, he was working so hard. As he went to dodge a bullet he fell to the ground so hard that he ran into the table. I started dying laughing, like uncontrollably laughing. As I am laughing I start to feel pee coming. I was clenching my entire lower half of my body together so hard hoping I would stop the pee from coming out. In my head I am trying to stop laughing so I don’t pee myself. Well, I was unsuccessful and next thing you know I peed my pants. Not just had a small little squirt of pee like FULL on peed my pants. It went through my underwear, pants and onto the bean bag chair I was sitting in.

As I am sitting in the bean bag chair full of pee I am questioning what the hell I am going to do? I was on the outside of the room farthest from the door. If I stood up to go upstairs I would have to walk across the front of the TV in front of everyone. They would for sure see my wet pants and wonder what the hell happened. I knew I couldn’t do that. So I sat there and had to come up with a game plan. I literally sat in my pee for over 15 minutes until my husband finally came to sit beside me. Once my husband sat down I whispered in his ear “Can you do me a huge favor?” He responded “what?” I said “please go get my hoodie upstairs for me?” He had a puzzled look on his face because my face was flushed and I was literally sweating but asking for a hoodie and asked “Are you cold, you look like you are sweating?” I go “no, and I started to laugh, I peed my pants”. At first he thought I was joking but as he looked down he immediately started laughing. What a nice guy right? At least he went to grab my hoodie for me.

Hiding the Evidence

After my husband grabbed the hoodie I sat there awkwardly and tied the hoodie around my waist like we used to do back in the day. I felt like I was living in a time zone. As I am doing this I am like well they probably still are going to think it’s really weird that my husband grabbed a hoodie for me and instead of me wearing it, I am tying it around my waist but whatever. What else am I going to do? I would rather them think about why I have a hoodie tied around me then see the pee on my pants. After I get the hoodie set, I slide off the bean bag chair onto the floor beside it and I turn the bean bag over to the other side. I couldn’t clean the bean bag in front of them yet, so I had to just turn it over for the time being. In my head I am thinking oh god please no one try to sit on the bean bag chair after I get up and leave. How awful would that be for one of them to sit on the other side of the bean bag chair and just smell pee? It was my worst nightmare but it was all I could do in the moment. So, I turn the bean bag chair over and quickly run upstairs to shower and change. As I come back downstairs, everyone starts to laugh at me. I immediately feel my face turning red and I start to blush. I worked so hard to hide the evidence of peeing my pants and in the end my husband ending up telling everyone anyways. I could’ve literally killed him. To this day we still joke about the “time I peed my pants in Lake Placid.”

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