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Double Lines on My Bachelorette Weekend

Yup, you read that title right. I found out I was pregnant the day I was leaving for my bachelorette weekend celebration. I was spending the weekend with my bridal party plus mom on a lake near a bunch of wineries. How ironic right? Most of you are probably wondering why did I take a pregnancy test the day I was leaving for my bachelorette weekend? I took one because I was feeling “off”. I was feeling nauseated, my boobs were literally HUGE already and hurt and I was very emotional. I didn’t want to spend the weekend getting hammered if I was pregnant. I also did not want to spend the weekend wondering about my decisions if I thought there was a chance I was pregnant. So, I decided to pee on a stick and that is when the double lines appeared an hour before my mom picked me up to leave for my bachelorette weekend.

Who Wants Drinks?

In the car on the way to the lake house all I could think about was what I was going to do? I knew that the entire weekend my bridal party was going to be making me drinks and handing me drinks left and right. I also know that they know I like to drink and have a good time. I had to figure out a game plan of how I was going to hide that I was pregnant for the entire weekend. This was not going to be an easy task.

The minute we arrived at the house, drinks were already starting to be made. My maid of honor made me a drink and handed it to me. I said thank you and acted like I took a sip. After everyone went outside on the deck I quickly dumped the drink out and then refilled my glass with similar looking items minus the alcohol. In my head I was like “okay, yeah this could work” but then the other part of me was like wow this is going to be a long weekend if I have to dump every single drink out and refill my glass. But, what else was I going to do? So this is what I did ALL weekend and it was exhausting. A couple of times some of the bridal party would say you still have the same drink? I was getting worried they were noticing that something was up because they all know I like to drink and have a good time. If I wasn’t pregnant I would have probably been on my 3rd or 4th drink by now. At one point my step sister literally said “are you pregnant or something?” I gasped inside but totally denied it. It wasn’t that I did not want to tell my family and friends but it was too early to share the news and my husband and I wanted to tell our family together.

Not only was I worried about drinking all weekend I was also worried about eating. I did not have an appetite at all and felt quite nauseated the entire weekend. My mom made my favorite chicken riggies, and my step-sister made one of my other favorites chicken wing dip. If you can’t tell I LOVE spicy food. But, that was the LAST thing I wanted. On a normal basis I live for food and everytime my mom throws a party I am always requesting specific foods or asking what she is making. If I did not eat then they would definitely know that something was up. So, there I was taking bites of all this food the entire weekend when I did not want any of it. Every time I was taking a bite, food would come back up my throat and I had to just swallow it. How disgusting. By the time the night came around I would wake up at 2-3 am and go outside to vomit because of how sick I felt from all the food. It burned so bad from all the spicy foods that I ate. How fun right?

Looking Back Now

After my bridal party and mom found out I was pregnant we talked about the bachelorette weekend. My mom of course said I had a feeling something was up. Your boobs were HUGE that weekend. My friends also said that’s why you were kind of “boring”. I wasn’t upset they said that because it was true. We did not end up going to any wineries, we did not play flip cup/beer pong or corn hole. We just sat by the water on the deck and chilled all weekend. It was still fun but it was a very mellow bachelorette weekend and usually I am all about being the life of the party. They also could not believe I hid not drinking so well. Who knew I could be so good at hiding something.

Needless to say my bachelorette weekend is one that I will remember forever.

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